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Steampunk Books & More

Lady of Devices ~ Shelley Adina
Heart of Veridon
~ Tim Akers
The Windup Girl ~ Paolo Bacigalupi
The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences books ~ Philippa Ballantine & Tee Morris
The Somnambulist ~ Jonathan Barnes
New Amsterdam ~ Elizabeth Bear
The Time Roads ~ Beth Bernobich
Crystal Rain ~ Tobias S. Buckell
The Steampunk Trilogy ~ Paul Di Filippo
The Clockwork Dagger ~ Beth Cato
Tarnished: The St. Croix Chronicles ~ Karina Cooper
What Ho, Automaton! ~ Chris Dolley (Gail's review on Goodreads)
The City of Ember ~ Jeanne DuPrau
Neverwhere ~ Neil Gaiman
The Difference Engine ~ William Gibson & Bruce Sterling
Boilerplate~ Paul Guinan & Anina Bennett (great education for kids!)
The Native Star ~ M.K. Hobson (Gail's review on Goodreads)
Infernal Devices ~ K.W. Jeter
Escapement ~ Jay Lake
Zeppelins West ~ Joe R. Lansdale
The Aether Chronicles ~ Suzanne Lazear (@suzannelazear)
Gunpowder Alchemy ~ Jeannie Lin
The Affinity Bridge ~ George Mann
Ticker ~ Lisa Mantchev
Kiss of Steel ~ Bec McMaster
Perdido Street Station ~ China Mieville
A Nomad of the Time Streams ~ Michael Moorcock
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen ~ Alan Moore
Anno Dracula ~ Kim Newman
Airborn ~ Kenneth Oppel
Clockwork Heart ~ Dru Pagliassotti (Gail's review on Goodreads)
Whitechapel Gods ~ S.M. Peters
The Anubis Gates ~ Tim Powers
Boneshaker ~ Cherie Priest
The Golden Compass ~ Phillip Pullman
Mortal Engines ~ Philip Reeve
The Hunchback Assignments ~ Arthur Slade
Eyes of Silver ~ Michael A. Stackpole
The Diamond Age ~ Neil Stephenson
The Unnaturalists ~ Tiffany Trent
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea ~ Jules Verne
The Time Machine ~ H.G. Wells
The Wizard Hunters ~ Martha Wells
Leviathan ~ Scott Westerfeld

Extraordinary Engines: The Definitive Steampunk Anthology ~ Nick Gevers (ed.)
Steampunk ~ Ann & Jeff VanderMeer (eds.)
Steampunk II: Steampunk Reloaded ~ Ann & Jeff VanderMeer (eds.)
The Grand Ellipse ~ Paula Volsky (ed.)

Free Steampunk Inspiration
Exhibition Hall Fanzine: ExhibHall
Girl Genius Comic Strip:




This section of the website presents a small sampling of steampunk elements available on the web. Gail also guest blogs at Fresh Fiction about some frequently asked steampunk questions. The Library Journal provides a list of 20 core steampunk books, 10 classics and 10 recent works.

Racialicious uses Soulless in an academic essay on steampunk, and takes her to task for mistreatment of hapless Americans.

Gail goes up in a hot air balloon and asks a lot of steampunk related questions.

Gail's FAQ on Steampunk.

Gail's tips for researching steampunk.


Cup of Brown Joy ~ by Elemental (AKA The Infamous Tea Song)
At the California Steampunk Convention 2008
Boilerplate Promo
A Gentleman's Duel


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