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Literary Agent


Gail's literary agent is Kristin Nelson of the Nelson Literary Agency (NLA). If you are interested in submitting to Kristin, you can find guidelines on her website. If you are looking for insider TIPS, try Kristin's blog. Gail is not a literary agent herself.

Publishers & Editors


The Parasol Protectorate and Custard Protocol books are published first in North America by Orbit US. These books are edited by senior editor Devi Pillai. She is obsessed with cheese plates.

The Finishing School
books are published first in North America by Little Brown Books for Young Readers. The Finishing School books were edited by Kate Sullivan and then Deirdre Jones.

Contact Gail

Contact Gail Carriger

Gail can be contacted via her literary agent, Kristin Nelson of NLA or you may email her via the calling card option below.

You are cordially invited to sign up for Gail's newsletter, The Chirrup. It goes out about once a month with exclusive sneak peeks, book release announcements, event information, and special offers. She will never share your email address or send you spam. Ever.

Thrilling Notes

* How do I pronounce the "g" in Carriger? It's hard, as in GIR.
* Query?
This website is kept up to date. Please do not ask for information already made available here. At the very least try Gail's FAQ first.
* Student? Gail will not do your homework for you. She does not write for free.
* Blurb Request? Gail no longer provides cover blurbs nor reviews by request. If she has already reviewed your book on Goodreads feel free to contact her for a quote. Why is this the case?
* ARC request? Gail cannot provide you with an e-Galley or ARC of her traditionally published works. Please contact Hachette via their website.


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